Fabulosa Dazzling Bathroom Spray Bliss Charity Little Violets 500ml

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Fabulosa Dazzling Bathroom Spray removes limescale & soap scum from hard surfaces in bathrooms, while killing 99.9% of bacteria and leaving your bathroom smelling Fabulosa.

Suitable for vegans.

Little Violets, a fresh violet fragrance with notes of jasmine, hawthorn and rose on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka and musk.
  • Turn nozzle to the open position.
  • Spray directly on the area to be cleaned.
  • To fully disinfect the area leave for 5 minutes and then wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth.
  • For heavily soiled surfaces, repeat application.
  • Ensure to turn nozzle to off position when finished.
Fragrance, Water, Industrial Denatured Alcohol, Non Ionic Surfactant, Benzalkonium Chloride, Lactic Acid
Ideal for hard surfaces that include bathroom sinks, bathtubs & showers.


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