Fabulosa Spotless Kitchen Cleaner Spray Bliss Charity Baby Powder 500ml

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Fabulosa Spotless Kitchen Spray removes grease & grime from hard surfaces in kitchens, while killing 99.9% of bacteria and leaving your kitchen smelling Fabulosa.

Suitable for vegans.

Made in Britain.

Baby Powder, a soft yet powerful fragrance, sweet, floral and powdery displaying notes of gentle rose on abase of tonka and creamy vanilla
  • Turn nozzle to the open position.
  • Spray directly on the area to be cleaned.
  • To fully disinfect the area leave for 5 minuets and then wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth.
  • Ensure to turn nozzle to off position when finished.
Fragrance, Water, Industrial Denatured Alcohol, Non Ionic Surfactant, Benzalkonium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate
Ideal for all hard non-painted or non-acrylic surfaces within your kitchen


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